Wales PEN Cymru

Wales PEN Cymru has had – since its establishment over two years ago – a strong commitment to refugees and asylum seekers. Three members of its Executive Committee – Tom Cheesman, Dylan Moore and Jeni Williams – have been actively supporting refugees and asylum seekers for many years and are involved with or have initiated key organisations in Wales. They have a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge of the issues surrounding displaced people and have come to know personally many writers who have fled their own countries and who are now living in Wales.

Projects that support displaced people will be a key focus for us in the coming years, and so – since our conception – we’ve trialed four pilot projects to explore how working with displaced writers can be useful and effective. These are detailed in the posts below, and we are now looking for funding to take these projects forward.

In the meantime, we’d love you to join us at our upcoming event with writers Eric Ngalle Charles and George Gumisiriza on June 23rd at 7pm.