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The Dissident Blog is a web magazine edited and published by Swedish PEN since 2011.

Never before has it been so easy to publish and make your voice heard as it is today. Through websites, blogs and social media, people worldwide have been given new opportunities to spread free speech. But while new doors have opened over the last decade, we also see how totalitarian regimes slowly but surely try to close those same doors and censor the new digital media—blogs with uncomfortable truths are shut down and people have been silenced through intimidation and reprisals. New “prison bars” have been put up around the entire Internet and authoritarian regimes are increasingly using the same digital technology to increase surveillance and monitoring of civil rights activists and dissidents, including authors and publishers in the literary public sphere.

The Dissident Blog is Swedish PEN’s contribution to prying these new, digital prison bars open. We wish to be an open literary forum for those who for various reasons cannot publish their work in their home countries—and we wish to convey their ideas and experiences to international readers.

Editor: Hanna Nordell hanna.nordell@svenskapen.se

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