Coming Soon

There are things we can change in the communities around us, and ways we can challenge how we look and think about things in our society. But policy makers need to be held accountable too, for their continued failure to uphold the human rights of those who have experienced displacement around the world. In the coming months, keep your eyes on the Make Space blog for advocacy tools with local and regional focuses, shining a light on how to counter the grossest human rights violations relating to the Make Space campaign where you live. We’ll be exploring issues ranging from immigrant detention to linguistic rights, border control, and legal status. We’ll also be busy trying to bring about policy change in three areas that sit firmly within our expertise as a freedom of expression organisation made up of writers and culture-makers. We aim to: - Demand legislation that necessitates inclusive cultural projects and spaces as part of sustainable resettlement for displaced communities. - Demand nuance in the understanding and protection of displaced communities’ linguistic rights. - Demand more efficient visa systems for writers at risk, and increased protection mechanisms for at risk journalists.